Paper Craft

Scrapbook Layout Variations

scrapbook page she 2


With these three 12×12 scrapbook pages I created very different feels using the same altered photograph.   The picture is of my beautiful daughter Cassie which I edited and applied a pencil sketch effect.

In the first layout I used layered papers, a lovely plum envelope which works well with the charcoal of the main paper.

I cut out the SHE frame and the flourishes using my Silhouette Portrait.  The ability to cut out very delicate elements in the paper, size, color and design of your choosing makes the Silhouette one of my favorite paper craft tools of all time.

Finally I added some metal embellishments including two clock keys which tie back to the base paper.

scrapbook page 6

For the second version I used a completely different color pallet and very different elements.  By carrying the flourish on the main paper onto the layered papers and the photograph itself and adding small pearls which carry across the different layers the different elements are effectively linked.

I pleated the parchment layer for added texture and added coordinating floral elements.  Finally I pinned the layers together with a brass pin.


scrapbook page 5


The final version is 100% digital – a format I am still learning!

For this version I created the altered image in Photoshop attaching wings to her back, layering musical images and distressing the canvass.  The text is from a Martina McBride song called “She’s a Butterfly” which made my think of Cassie the first time I heard it.

I printed the end result on two different tones of 12×12 scrapbook paper that I already had as a part of my stash.

Cassie wingsCassie wings 2

I love how you can very effectively create a different mood with the same anchor piece, whether it’s a photograph or other item, simply by carefully choosing the color pallet, layer approach, textures and ephemera that you add to a page.

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