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Very rough draft…

The page pulls at me
As I work
And cook
And plan for tomorrow
I read a chapter in the business book or the biography
All the while the other page calls to me
I know that when I pick up the book
And settle in
Turning pages, skimming words
To find the place where I left off
My world will fade away
And I will be in
Another time
Another country
Another body, mind and soul
Another world entirely
With Magic or dragons or trolls
My skirts will be long
And my thought patterns change
I will be a rancher
Or a debutant
A politician or a teacher
A suffragette
Or a slave
The page calls to me
And I pick up the book
And I am gone


Type Rider 2; the Tandem Poetry Tour kicks off tomorrow in Boulder. Here’s a couple of photos from Patti Digh’s DYL Camp last year where I met Maya and Amy. Patti’s camp this year is Life is a Verb Camp – you should check it out.

If Type Rider 2 happens to pass through a your home town it would be very worth while to go meet Maya Stein and Amy Tingle.