A Suburban Fairy Door

Fairy doors have been appearing in Ann Arbor, Michigan for many years. Some of the doors even allow a view into the fairy homes or offices (even a dentist’s office!) behind the doors.

While it’s far more simple than most of the Ann Arbor doors (check out Urban Fairies for the original doors) I had a wonderful time installing my own fairy door. While I haven’t actually seen the fairies, there is a bicycle parked outside the door most mornings. I don’t know how safe it is with their key “hidden” on the mantel though…

My Fairy Door

I am not willing to shop at Hobby Lobby and there are no dollhouse stores near my home, so I got all of the parts from Amazon (although I am not really happy with them right now due to the Hachette bullying). I used an exterior doll house door and purchased the knob and other hardware separately. I painted the door using acrylic paint and sprayed an exterior clear sealant after the hardware was attached. I used liquid nails to attach the door to the siding and to attach the bicycle to the step.

It was a very fun weekend project and we get excited comments from everyone from the neighborhood kids to the UPS man. I want to install a Little Free Library next, and maybe a Wish Tree this Fall. You have to read about Andrea Scher’s Wish Tree at her Superhero Life site. She is truly an amazingly inspiring person!

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