Who I Am

            Who I am

have lost me in recent years. I appreciate the fact that my adult life
has not been easy. I have said before and I firmly believe that I am a
better person now than I was as a very young woman. I appreciate so
much and take so much less for granted at this point in my life. Which
is good.

But I am lost.  I know some basic truths about me:

  • I am a writer and I want to be a storyteller
  • I have a deep and abiding faith
  • I have a sensuous nature ~ I feel and taste and breath in my world
  • I am a mother, daughter, granddaughter and niece and I was once a wife and likely will be again
  • I am friends with my ex-husband, the father of my children and I am inordinately proud of that
  • I love making a home for my family although I have not always been proud of my accomplishments in this role
  • I am a  good employee, but do not want to be one forever
  • I curl in on myself and exist instead of living when I am blue (now)
  • I have been lonely much of my adult life because I am afraid
  • I am TIRED of existing and being afraid!

I am ready to take steps, cautious as they may be.

  • Get up! – No more hibernating
  • Plant
  • Fix something every single week
  • Write every single day
    • Voice Class
    • Story
    • Blog
    • Journal
  • Be creative in additional ways
    • Cook
    • Sew
    • Play with media
    • Practice the piano and the guitar
  • Stop the stress eating (she types while reaching for the soft, warn sugar cookie lying on a plate beside the computer)
  • Move!

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