I am a great writer…..

am not sure of the politics, legalities and politeness of quoting from
another blog or forum, however I feel led, so if I offend or break the
rules, I apologize and welcome the feedback/slapped hand, etc.

I have been reading the "Taking it Seriously" thread in the absolutely amazing Cherry Forums (cherryforums.com
under The Writing Life) and I have to say in my writing life, which
began when I was about five years old, I have never been more inspired
or felt more empowered.  Reading those posts has been akin to those
Sundays when you find yourself sitting in the pew stiffly, refusing to
look left or right, sweating and shaking because you are convinced that
somehow, somehow the rector has been reading your diary.

To quote Lani:
is subjective, fine. But it doesn’t matter that anyone else thinks
you’re great. It matters that you think it. That doesn’t mean that your
greatness takes away from mine or Jenny’s or Katy’s or anyone’s. It’s
your own personal greatness, existing only for you. Why shouldn’t you
claim it?

a lot under the Great Writer rock than just how you feel about
yourself, but you have to lift it in order to find it all. So do it.
Ellen, you’re a great writer. There’s no reason in the world why you
shouldn’t be able to say so, unequivocally, without modifiers."

I know
that I have been guilty of the over-modesty which manifests itself as a
harsh and inhibiting editor and critic.  I have sat at my keyboard, or
with my notebook before me wondering how I could "presume" to write
something that is BIG and bold and bawdy and glorious.  That crippling
modesty has acted as a captor, a prison guard, not allowing me to write
what I was meant to write, not allowing me to be who I am meant to be, not allowing me to stand up and say, I am a writer, in fact, I Am A Great Writer!.  So, a heartfelt thanks is due to Jenny Crusie and Lani Diane Rich and all of the Cherries.

I am now prying up that rock to find all of the wonder that is under it
and I am going to write.  Because that is what I do.  Yipee!!!!!!!!

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